Photo Cards

Photo cards - for creative meetings and conversations


This box contains 50 cards with images that can be used to express feelings, thoughts, needs, ideas and more. For example, they can be used at the start of a meeting by getting participants to select a card that symbolizes their expectations at the meeting or to present themselves. They can also be used to evaluate a meeting, an idea or an activity

The cards are big and can easily be seen from a distance (10 x 15 cm)

Photocards from Resultatbolaget
Photocards from Resultatbolaget

7 different ways to use the Photo cards


1. Check-in & Presentation

Let each participant choose one or more cards and on the basis of these answer a number of questions that you as the meeting holder have prepared. For example, it may be: Who are you? Tell us about a highlight of your life! Tell us about a hidden talent! Why are you happy to be here today? What is important for you to be your best in a team? Take turns and let everyone talk about their cards. If you have several cards, it is an advantage to take several laps and take a question at a time.


2. Find out the participants' expectations

Start the meeting by reviewing goals, purpose and agenda of the meeting. Then you let each participant choose a card that symbolizes an expectation they have with the meeting. Then let each person show their card and tell their expectation. Feel free to pick up the selected cards and put on the wall so that at the end of the meeting you can match the expectations. You may be ask everyone who had their expectations met to retrieve their card and briefly explain how it was fulfilled. Finish by talking about what you need to do to meet the remaining expectations.


3. Check out

Let each person choose a card that symbolizes what they got out from attending the meeting. It can be an insight, a question, a lesson or a new contact. Take turns and let everyone talk about their card.


4. Evaluation

Let each person pick two cards that symbolize: What have we done well at this meeting? How can we make it even better next time? Take turns and let everyone talk about their cards.

5. Positive feedback

Place the participants in a ring around the cards. Then let everyone choose two cards, one for the person standing on the left and one for the person on the right side. They should choose a card that symbolizes a strength that the people next to them have, something they appreciate or something that they have done well during this meeting. Then let the participants hand over the card with an explanation. If you are not too many, it is nice to let everyone listen to each other. If you are not able to do so then everyone can do it at the same time. No matter how you do, end by asking how it was giving and receiving positive feedback in this way.    


6. Improvement work

Let each one choose a card that symbolizes where you are today in a particular question. For example, how do we cooperate today, how do we meet our customers today, how do we work with improvements etc? Then let everyone choose a card that symbolizes how you would like it to be. Then you let each one talk about their cards and put them on the wall in two groups: one group for the present situation and one for the desired situation. Then you can talk about what hinders you and what resources you have to get to the desired situation. Finally, you decide what you need to do and what activities you need to create to reach your desired situation.

7. Make speeches 

Imagine that a colleague / employee is resigning and you have been choosen to make a fare-well speech. Here's how you can do to involve everyone (and at the same time reduce your own nervousness). Let each one choose a card that symbolizes what they appreciate about the co-worker or a fun memory with the person. Then let each one write about this on the back of the card. Then you take turns and everyone hands over the card and tells a short story about the memory or what they appreciate. This is always greatly appreciated and a dear memory for the person to bring home.

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